Want to own a customized 1985 Cheverolet El Camino?

Familia Unida Bike Builders purchased a project car.  The staff and kids that attend the program have been working tirelessly on it for months!  The kids learn to work with different tools, mentors, and get valuable skills.  In the spring (TBA) we will auction off the car to the public.  Proceeds will be used to operate the non-profit and help more kids with a program that teaches them they don’t have to do drugs or join a gang to be cool and have FAMILIA that cares about them.  Hundreds of kids have been a part of the program.  To make a donation to the program, please visit our Donations Page or reach out using our contact information at the top of the website!

Thank you for visiting and please consider donating to help us serve more kids.  Together we can keep kids out of gangs and off of drugs through skill development & mentoring. Familia Unida Bike Builders, a charitable 501 C (3) non profit organization.