Custom Bike Outreach & Involvement

The Familia reaches kids & teens through the custom bike building world to leverage mentoring and a positive hobby, to reduce likelihood of drug abuse & gang involvement.

History & The Program

Familia Unida Bike Builders was founded in 2015 by Ricardo “Rico” Gutierrez. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Medford, Oregon. We are a family-oriented program, with an emphasis on improving the lives of local, low-income, disadvantaged youth. Familia Unida is dedicated to providing the community with an organization that teaches skills to build bikes while working in groups and one-on-one atmospheres. Beyond the physical aspect of building bicycles, we strongly believe in supporting the mental, emotional and educational future of our students. Our program provides at-risk youth with an environment where they can positively channel aggression and negative experiences into healthy, constructive life skills. The youth develop confidence and self-esteem, while learning to work as a team. Familia Unida staff and volunteers use personal relationship, discipline and structure as a means to motivate and encourage youth and other program participants as they develop necessary, essential life skills.

Familia Unida Bike Builders is part of the K.E.Y. Project (Keep Encouraging Youth) being implemented locally as a collaborative effort involving the Gang Prevention Task Force, Jackson County Community Justice,  Spartan Boxing and LifeArt.  Our collaboration extends to schools, law enforcement, Youth 71Five Ministries, RV Mentoring, and Jackson County Housing Authority.

Can you help or donated to ensure we reach more kids?
Reach out by Email or Call Rico, our organization’s founder!


  • Rico Gutierrez, Founder & CEO
  • Ryan Mallory, Board President
  • Matt Sweeney, Vice President
  • Angela Brumana, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Bob Galas, Member
  • Kerri Mallory, Member
  • Rich Kohl, Member